Social Media Marketing

Reach, engage and convert your target audience through a precise Social Media Marketing package.

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Social Media Marketing

Content Creation​

We provide a range of social media writing and posting services to help you directly or indirectly market your offerings.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising Management​

Our social media marketing services are proven to accelerate growth. We research audience related to your business to ensure that your ad message resonates with users.

Strategy Development​

We track the performance of each content to ensure the progress of your marketing goals. Thus, we will optimize and enhance our strategy according to the results.

Social Media Marketing Service for Businesses & SME in Malaysia

Social Media not only for social

Today, social media has been a common must download application in the society. For instance, Facebook alone has a user base of 2.6 billion monthly active users and there are opportunities for all businesses, big and small, to advertise on it. However, due to its large usership, advertising on Facebook can be increasingly competitive. If you want to grow your business in the digital space,  considering to distribute your efforts accordingly on other social media marketing channels LinkedIn and Instagram as well.

In order to run a successful Social Media Marketing, You will need:

Copywriter/Content creator

A person who are able to come up with innovative, attractive idea for content posting.

Graphic Designer

A person who can design beautiful and eye catching ads visual creatively.

Photographer & Videographer​

A professional photographer and videographer who can do photo and video shooting for your company or product.

Photo & Video Editor​

A professional editor to edit the photo and video with the software.

How can we promote your social media footprint?

Creativity & Graphic design
  • Photo Shooting
  • Art design
Smart Content Distribution
  • Posting time and frequency optimization
  • Community management
  • Reach and engagement monitoring
Creative Copywriting
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu
Social media Video
  • Creative video Production
  •  Quality video editing

Social Media Marketing Service in Selangor, Malaysia.

Own a Social Media Marketing Team with Affordable Price​

Setting up all these could easily cost you around RM10,000. Not to mention all the software and course needed to stay up to date. We WDA, serving as your digital marketing partners, provide up-to-date services at affordable rates. All of these services are covered at the cost of one employee. Therefore there’s no need for you to spend up to Rm10,000 just to set up a Digital Marketing team.​

Our Social Media Marketing Packages


RM 7xx
  • Up to 4 posting
  • 4 hour Photo shooting session
  • 4 hour Video shooting session
  • Photo editing
  • Up to 1min 30 sec Video editing
  • Content Creation
  • Ads Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Growth and Conversion report


RM 1xxx
  • Up to 8 posting
  • 12 hour Photo shooting session
  • 12 hour Video shooting session
  • Photo editing
  • Up to 5min Video editing
  • Content Creation
  • Ads Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Respond to FAQ on your behalf
  • Growth and Conversion report
  • Fan Page Management
  • Chatbot
  • Live Stream Comment Tracer

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